Startups and web developers

The ready-to-use software stacks and runtime environment constructor allow the user to build a professional runtime environment optimized for web applications with one click and without complicated manual installation and set-up. It is possible to use the same runtime environment for development, testing, and production servers. Jetware simplifies project deployment and operations, increases the speed of development and efficiency of testing, and reduces the cost of server administration.

Small business and website owners

A large selection of web applications for professional tasks, such as online stores, corporate sites and catalogs, CRM, document management, and project management. Applications are prepared for the average user and are easy to install both on any hosting server or personal computer. Installation, configuration, and administration are done automatically, and the user is able to work on a website immediately. This helps users without technical knowledge deploy complex web applications, decreases the number of outages, and reduces the need for technical support.

Developers of server applications

Service for building of distributions applications, unified for all versions of Linux OS and all platforms. Unification of an application increases the number of application uses, expands the user base, and reduces the number of problems and incompatibilities on the user side. The publishing of an application in the Jetware software collection provides an opportunity to offer it to more users.

Control system integrators and IoT developers

The system of building and on-demand deployment of applications for processing or controlling on endpoint devices or IoT gateways. Migrates computation closer to data sources or actuators, thus increasing the speed of information processing and providing more accurate results. Helps develop systems or adapt them to changing tasks.

Hosting providers

Service for the automatic installation and administration of servers, friendly to users without technical knowledge. Facilitates the client working with the server, reduces administration costs, and enhances the stability of the server, simplifies the acquisition and installation of new servers, and helps the provider sell additional services.

SaaS providers and multi-user services

Systems for automatically building, installing, configuring, and managing your own project software modules and third-party software. These reduce the cost of operation and administration of large projects and increase development speed and testing efficiency.