Jetware One-click Stacks Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Jetware and Amazon have teamed up to make it easier to launch and deploy web applications and stacks on AWS infrastructure.

Users can choose a fully configured and ready-to-use stack or application from a large selection of Jetware appliances directly on AWS Marketplace and launch it with just a few clicks. The listing includes classical or performance-optimized stacks (LAMP/LEMP, MEAN, LAPP, Phoenix, and others), applications servers for PHP, Ruby, Node.JS, Elixir, Java, and Python, and SQL/NoSQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Tarantool, etc. The programs are supplied in multiple versions or forks, so users can select the environment tailored for the task—mature and stable versions or the latest versions with the most complete functionality.

Users can also download an identical Jetware appliance as a virtual machine image, Docker-container, or Vagrant-box to use as a development environment on a laptop or desktop. Jetware appliances support synchronization of the code and settings between development, testing, and production servers. This improves development productivity and provides seamless deployment of the application on the AWS cloud.

Amazon Launch